Purple Glittery nails

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  1. super tare :)
    daca vrei sa il personalizezi mai mult poti sa iti alegi o tema pt. blog de pe
    dar e frumos si asa :)

  2. Hi! I absolutely LOVE your nails and the nail art you do. My nails are short and stubby, the nail (white part) of my nail starts about in the middle of my nail bed. Is this just the way they'll stay? If so, do you know any nail polish colour that matches they flesh (pink part) of the nail? I do use fake nails because I don't like the way my real nails look, does this at all affect the way they look? Do you have an advice for me, I want to achieve nails like yours, they're  short but they look so long and they have a really nice arch to them. 

  3. @3c20fd5ede36132d7ba81599bc50e2ca Hello! Thank you for your appreciation!
    The way your nail are won't change, this is how they are. Fake nails do not affect the shape and way of being of your nails. I can't recommend a nail polish like your skin's color or nail's color because all of us have different skin colors. But go to a nail store and choose a nail polish that matches your skin color.

  4. Thank you so much! I hope you keep making video's, your designs are beautiful. :)

  5. @3c20fd5ede36132d7ba81599bc50e2ca:disqus You are welcome :)
    Of course I will keep making videos :)