Casper - the friendly ghost

Hey girls :)

Since Halloween is coming at the end of this month, several youtube nail art guru's are organizing Halloween contests :) This is so cool, because you can see so many halloween designs gathered as video responses to the contest video, they are so beautiful and fun!!

Anyway, GettingNailed is one of the youtube guru's that are having Halloween Contests!
I decided to join her contest and she requested to do a nail design showing what we would like to find in our Trick-or-Treat bag. Well, I would like to find Casper in my Trick-or-Treat bag because, being friendly, he wouldn't scare me at all :) We could even be friends :)

This is my design:

And this is how I did it:

I hope you will like it!

So, what would you like to find in your Trick-or-Treat bag? :)

17 comentarii:

  1. wow camy that is really cute...well done..

  2. All little ghosts are so cute! And Casper on your ring finger nail has the cuttest and most friendly smile ever! Look how he is welcoming us with open arms! ^___^ Whitey ghostys on infinity nails! Could it be more adorable? ;)

  3. Casper de pe inelar e foarte dragut si vesel! Imi place :)

  4. foarte draguta manichiura!

    uhm, let's see.. colectia de craciun de la china glaze?:D

  5. Cute Nails. I would like to find lots of candy in my trick-or-treat bag.

  6. i love how you did the ghost on your forth finger!! :) super!! cute smile!

  7. Ce-mi placeeeeee! Si fantomelele si pisicutele dintr-un post anterior - le vreau ! De ce nu am stiut eu de tine cat timp am stat la Cluj? Cred ca te bateam la cap sa-mi faci unghiile cu fel si fel de desene .
    Imi super place ce faci tu cu unghiile. Bravo.
    Si ti-am zis, cand ai drum la Sibiu poate ma anunti sa ne intalnim asa scurt si pentru o manichiura:D

  8. Multumesc mult fetelor :)

    Thank you very much!

    @iguanitza: cu cea mai mare placere, daca ajung prin sibiu de anunt :)

  9. Hi Camy...how are you?! I'm Sneppy81 on Youtube ^_^
    This nail art is very nice!!!