A little gift from Ioana

A few days ago I received a beautiful gift from Ioana for adding the banner of her shop on my blog.
She has a beautiful nail shop but I think she delivers only in Romania. Anyway, Romanian girls have now the opportunity to buy nail art stuff from this shop.

This is what I received from Ioana:

A stamping plate, including the razor and the stamp

Some stars

A beautiful blue glitter

Thank you very much Ioana!

6 comentarii:

  1. That was really nice of her! Can't wait to see you plaing with that design plate!

  2. imi place la nebunie placuta!

  3. de unde imi pot achizitiona acest set?

  4. ma refer la essence nail art stampy set...?

  5. @c770d4dd92b4c52a9d8485bed066426c stampilutele nu sunt de la essence.
    dar le poti achizitiona de aici: http://www.depozituldefrumusete.ro/
    toate cuvintele rosii din postare contin cate un link spre acest site ;)